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This Agreement will Explain you the acceptable use of HDWallpapers.site Service and Community.

In the Beginning, We start with basic Definitions that will help you understand this agreement.

  • Definitions
  • "HDWallpapers.site" is Free Wallpapers Sharing Community. We Provide this provide this service through this url "https://www.hdwallpapers.site".

    We Refer it as a Social Community Website."HDWallpapers.site" is Property of and operated by Infinity LLC ("HDWallpapers.site","We","Us").

    As Membership Optional For Downloading. But If You want share your Work you will have to become member ("you","your") of HDWallpapers.site

  • Account & Access
  • 1. Access: Access to hdwallpapers is completely free. You Need not Pay for any Services.

    You can Access our Site at Desktop,Laptop,Mobile or Tablet. Its Free of Cost For Download and Upload Your Wallpapers.

    Membership is optional for Downloading but this Necessary to Upload Wallpapers.

    This Website safe for Children above Age 13.They Can Use it Under Parent Guidence. Zero Nudity is Our Policy.

  • 2. Account: After Signing Up, You have to Activate Your Account. You can Activate Account by clicking a Link in Your Mail Box means in Your E-Mail Inbox (G-Mail, Y-Mail, Outlook etc.).

    So, Fill Details (E-Mail ID, Example: [email protected]) Very Carefullly. Otherwise, You Will Not Receive Activate Link.

    1. 2.1. Termination: Your Account can be Terminated,If You Breaks Rules and Abuse any of this agreement. You Will be Informed by E-Mail in case of Suspension or Termination.

    2. 2.2. Eligibility: If Your Age is 13 or more than 13 and Agree these terms then your are Eligibile to Create Account With Us.

    3. 2.3. Account Password: Your Password is Encrypted in databases. But You Have to Keep is at Safe Place.

    4. 2.4. Account Closing: You Can Close Your Account at anytime.

    5. 2.5. Subscriptions: It's Your Choice to Signup for Our NewsLetters or Not. By Default, Your Newsletters Service is Enabled but you can Disable Subscribtions in Your Profile.

  • Rules & Abuse
  • 3. General Rules: Being part of Our Family You need to Follow some Important Rules. If You Don't Follow these Rules, We may Terminate or Suspend Your Account.

    1. 3.1. You Must Follow all Our Policies (Copyright Policy, Privacy Policy and DMCA)

    2. 3.2. You Can't Violate Acceptance of Use Policy.

    3. 3.3. You Can't Upload Adult Wallpapers, Nude Wallpapers or Semi Nude Wallpapers.

    4. 3.4. You Can't Bad Words as Wallpaper Titles or in Descriptions (Members Only).

  • 4. Abuse:

    1. 4.1. Bandwidth Abuse: You are Not allowed to Directly Link Wallpapers. But You Can Download and Re-Upload to Your Website, You Must Follow Rules.

    2. 4.2. Report Abuse: If You Feel at any Point, You are Being Offend by Our Content. You Can Report abuse through Contact Us Form.

  • 5. Rights:

    1. 5.1. Our Rights: We have Some Rights Reserved like Our Logo and Website Design. We have Right to Decide either to host a wallpapers or not.

    2. 5.2. User Rights: If You Upload any Wallpaper. You Either Must be Owner of Content or Permission from Owner or Content from Open Source Resources.

  • Disclaimer
  • 6. Limited Liability: HDWallpapers.site, its Owners, its Moderators, its Adminstrator and its partners Shall Not be Responsible for any damage,injury or loss as result of Using HDWallpapers.site.

    HDWallpapers.site shall not be held finicialy or legally Liable for any loss as result of Existence of HDWallpapers.site, its associated sites,parent Owners,infrastructure or Services.

    We Will Held Responsible for any Data Loss that is only Submitted Via Our Forms.

  • 7. Disclaimer: We are Web Based Community Supported Website and We Mostly Collect data from Open Source Resources, Search Engines and Free Content Providers.

    All Published & User Uploaded Content supposed to be Collected from Open Source Resources and you are authorized resuse those resources for personal use and sharing on Social Websites.

    Check Clause 5.1 & 5.2 for More Details on Rights.

  • Change
  • 8. Change: We have Right to Make Changes in these Terms of Service at any time. But Members of Community Will be Notified by E-Mail and Visitors will Be Notified by Notification on Website.

    You Will Have 15 Days Time after Terms Of Service Update Notification. You can Report Us in Between time.

  • Last Updated Date: 05-May-2017